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NEWS: Prof Kenneth Holmberg of VTT (Finland) will act as Interim President of the ITC until the 2017 World Tribology Congress in Beijing, China.

The next ITC "In Session" meeting will take place in Beijing at 15.00 on Sunday 17/9/2017. ITC Vice-Presidents (or corresponding members representing VPs) are invited to attend. The Agenda and further meeting details will follow. 



The International Tribology Council is an international organisation of Tribology Societies, Groups and Associations.
ITC is a Corresponding Member of UNESCO

Objectives are:

  1. To maintain a live continuous contact between tribology and kindred societies and groups anywhere in the world.

  2. To facilitate tribology and kindred societies and groups to keep each other informed of their activities, in particular of their forward programmes.

  3. To ensure that its international congresses are arranged at agreed intervals; however, the organisation of such congresses to be conducted by the respective Host Society or Societies.

  4. To facilitate exchange of views, comments and opinions on tribological matters between member societies and groups.

  5. To advise and assist - where requested - in the founding of tribology societies in countries where such societies do not exist.

  6. To assist through international co-operation in matters connected with tribology science, technology and education.

  7. To undertake such other actions within the field of tribology science, technology and education, whether pure or applied, which at least three-quarters of all members groups or societies desire it to do.


The international Tribology Council is non-commercial and non-political. Members cover all disciplines.