Peter Jost Tribology Award

The Peter Jost Tribology Award recognizes “mid-career” tribologists who show great potential and have already demonstrated exceptional research accomplishments or technological innovations in the field of tribology. The award has been established to honour the late Prof. H. Peter Jost, whose tireless effort, dedication, and support were responsible for promoting a worldwide appreciation for, and expansion of, tribology. Professor Jost was the founding father of modern-day tribology and the International Tribology Council (ITC), which is an umbrella organization for the world tribology community.

Call for Peter Jost Tribology Award 2024

The deadline to apply for the Peter Jost Tribology Award is 1st of May 2024!

ITC Executive Committee, following the nomination procedure and judging criteria, can award only one individual per year which is going to be officially presented in the upcoming World Tribology Congress (WTC). The importand informations regarding the Peter Jost Tribology Award nomination process are listed below.

  • Candidates interested in being considered for this award must provide a nomination package, which includes three support letters.
  • The complete nomination package should be submitted electronically to the Executive Director of ITC ( and the ITC President (
  • The deadline for submission is 1st of May 2024.Upon receiving the nomination package, a confirmation email will be sent back to the nominator as proof of safe receipt.
  • Please note that incomplete or late applications will not be considered for this prestigious award.


Specifics of the Award

The Peter Jost Tribology Award consists of an award or certificate and a prize equivalent to approx. US $2,000.00. It will be bestowed every year and presented to the recipients during the next World Tribology Congress (WTC) by the ITC President. The recipients of the award will be invited to present an honorary plenary lecture at the WTC as well as receiving free conference registration and hotel accommodation for attendance at the WTC where the award is made. The recipient of this award will also be offered the opportunity to publish a summary of their lecture on the ITC website, along with their photograph and award citation.

The nomination package must be submitted to the Executive Director of ITC electronically ( and the ITC President ( prior to the specific deadline stated on the WTC website. A safe-receipt email will be sent back to the nominator. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


Individuals who are nominated for the Peter Jost Tribology Award shall have made sustained and substantial contributions to the science or technology (including industrial practice) of tribology. This Award is intended for mid-career tribologists—typically below the age of 50. The Executive Committee members of ITC are not eligible for nomination, nominating an award candidate, or writing support letters.

Nomination Procedure

Candidates can be nominated by peers (except for those indicated under Eligibility) who are knowledgeable and qualified to corroborate the key accomplishments of those candidates being nominated. A nominator can only nominate one individual per year and must also obtain three support letters as part of the nomination package. The ITC Executive Committee will collect and evaluate all eligible nominations in making the final selection of award winners.

The Nomination Package 

  1. Nomination Letter: The nomination letter must provide the details of the key accomplishments of the nominee in chronological order emphasizing, in particular, the significance and importance of his/her work in terms of solving a long-enduring problem or advancing the frontiers of tribology with breakthrough discoveries and/or industrial applications. From the narrative, the significance of these accomplishments must be very clear and evidenced by e.g., high-impact publications, industrial innovation, patents, invited presentations, awards/honours, and commercial developments. The nominator may choose to document in detail (in an appendix consisting of additional support materials) the most important tribological discovery/industrial contribution of the nominee for which he/she should be considered the most for the award. Most often, there are multiple participants in highly significant works and discoveries; hence, the specific contribution of the nominee must be delineated in the nomination letter. In a concluding sentence or citation, the nominator must provide a one-sentence quote that represents nominee’s most outstanding contribution to the field and/or his/her true accomplishment for which the Peter Jost Tribology Award should be considered.  The nomination letter should be very concise, self-consistent, and no more than 2 pages long, but should have the most important points that Award Committee will need to make the final determination.
  2. Support Letters: The nomination package should include three additional support letters and these should be arranged by the nominator. One of these support letters can be from the same institution or country where the candidate resides. However, two of the letters must be from peers of international standing from another country, who are also very familiar with candidate’s seminal work. These letters should not exceed one page (as they are meant to further attest and emphasize the key accomplishments of the nominee) and must be arranged from peers of which at least two are from other countries than the candidate.
  3. Curriculum Vitae: the nominator must also include a CV or resume, not exceeding five pages, which includes the nominee’s list of patents, industrial impact, key publications and key presentations.

 Judging Criteria

  1. The nominee will typically be below the age of 50 on 1st January of the award year.
  2. The nominee must have demonstrated a notable contribution to the field of tribology including demonstration of significant achievement reflected by high-impact publications (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles, invited review papers, books, etc.) and/or a significant impact within industry or commercial field (e.g., development of a novel process or product, patent or contribution to a significant economic / environmental improvement). The nominee may also demonstrate a track record which may include other awards or honours, invited presentations, etc.
  3. The nominee may additionally have demonstrated evidence of strong leadership qualities as reflected by teaching, mentoring, or management record in tribology as well as voluntary services to events and/or professional organizations that promote tribology.


Previous Peter Jost Tribology Award recipients are presented below:

Professor Daniele Dini, UK